What matters to you, matters to God!

Can you imagine a church that believes and teaches how to meet life on life’s terms because it all really does matter to God?  Throughout the Gospels, Jesus embodied the truth.  What matters to you, matters to God.

MCC Sacred Journey is a welcoming faith community where you really matter. MCC Sacred Journey offers early Evening Worship each Sunday @ 5:30 PM.  Ministries and programming provide empowering and relevant opportunities to serve within and outside the church as well as to strengthen your faith. MCC SJ became an affiliated member congregation within Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) on August 15, 2010

Service to the Congregation and the Greater Community

About MCC Sacred Journey Church

Service to the Congregation and the Greater Community

With spiritual passion and the goals of gathering to worship and scattering to serve, core ministries have been developed to serve our congregation and the broader community:


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MISSION STATEMENT: MCC Sacred Journey is a welcoming community led by faith, diverse in practice, and empowered by God to be a healing presence in the world.

TAG-LINE VISION STATEMENT: "What matters to you, matters to God!"


  • ACCEPTANCE: Offering a welcome and open environment where it is safe and affirming to be authentic.

  • SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Opening our hearts to the teaching and gifts of our faith community to nurture and to encourage personal transformation.

  • COMMUNITY: Sharing and supporting one another individually and collectively within a loving, respectful, Christ-like environment.

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: Living by the teachings of Jesus and fearlessly advocating for equality and the greater good of all.

For more information about the mission, vision, and core values of the denomination of Metropolitan Community Church, see "What is MCC?" under the "About Us" tab

Creating relevant 21st century ministry requires us to live out our mission, vision, and core values in spirit-led balance:

  • WORSHIP: Individual and collective expressions of our love for God/of God.

  • SHARING: Embracing the message of God’s Inclusive Love as Good News.

  • FELLOWSHIP: Being in community as people of faith enjoying fun, social, and social justice events.

  • DISCIPLESHIP: Growing in faith to shift from simply believing in God to following Jesus as a committed disciple.

  • MINISTRY: Serving within and beyond our community with a specific mission.