Board of Directors and Ministries

MCC Sacred Journey Board of Directors (BOD)

Administration including Board of Directors (BOD) & Sub-committees

As an affiliated MCC member congregation, MCC Sacred Journey (MCCSJ) operates its administrative efforts, fiscal management, and governance under denominational and local church by-laws (link to By-Laws PDF under the About Us Our Church section) through an elected Board of Directors (BOD).

Members of the BOD are elected to serve 3-year staggered terms, and meet monthly or more to manage their entrusted responsibilities. During their 1st meeting, the Board prayerfully decides by vote who will serve as officers of the church and what portfolios each Board member will seek to fulfill. Officers of the church include Moderator (role held by the pastor), Vice Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer. In addition to these officers, there is also a Member @ Large that serves on a 5-member Board of Directors. Various Sub-committees of the BOD have been created according to our governance and structure as needed including: Building & Facilities, Finance & Fundraising, Stewardship, and Strategic Planning Sub-committees.


The goal of our Board of Directors is to use principles of healthy church and Church Size Theory to fulfill their elected and legal role of providing a Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty.

Pastor Rev. Dr. Joan Saniuk
Empty Prayer Room
Ginny Kay
Vice Moderator,
Acting Clerk and Treasurer
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Kim Klusza
Lay Delegate

MCC Sacred Journey Church Ministries

Congregational Care

  • Provides Pastoral Care, Intercessory Prayer, and HIV/AIDS ministry

    • Rev. Dr. Joan Saniuk

Worship Design

  • Sacred responsibility to provide opportunities for people to encounter the Holy in worship

    • Rev. Dr. Joan Saniuk

    • Ginny Kay

    • Sharilyn Steketee

Clown Ministry

  • Practices the ancient art of lifting spirits through friendly presence and laughter

    • Ginny Kay

    • Kim Klusza

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Other MCC Sacred Journey Activities

Thursday morning Bible Study (ON ZOOM)

  • Provides care and connection in addition to the study of the Holy Scriptures. 


  • The annual Yard Sale raises funds for our activities and needs. Our policies and practices ensure that donations further our organization’s mission.

Outreach/Education/Social Justice

  • Encourages spiritual growth and service through support of Interfaith Action Ministry (IAM)

  • Provides a voice of truth, compassion, and justice; community outreach; and Christ-like actions through social justice activities, rallies, and PRIDE events – locally & globally – in addition to seeking to feed the poor and hungry, address issues of inequality and injustice, and assist the disenfranchised